Centrepoint delivers new digital workspace technology to its adviser network

Centrepoint Alliance has partnered with New Zealand software firm SuiteBox to deliver new state-of-the-art video conferencing technology and digital signing technology to its network of advisers, enabling them to ‘meet’ their clients online, view and sign documents and share video records from client meetings.

SuiteBox is a digital workspace that uses technology to replicate a meeting room environment. It allows advisers to meet with up to three people in a client group via video; to share screens; to share and work on documents; to give control to clients to do the same. Unlike other video conferencing tools such as Skype, it allows participants to complete, fill in and sign required forms and paperwork.

The software also acts as cloud storage, to allow users to store documents and recordings in meeting rooms, so that all documents are in one place, offering a high level of security.
Eoin McDonnell, Head of Technology at Centrepoint Alliance said that the technology will enable advisers to securely interact with their clients via video, saving the expense of travel while retaining the personal face-to-face communication so important to building and maintaining the customer relationship.

“The use of SuiteBox supports advisers transforming their practices into truly client-centric businesses,” Eoin said. “Advisers will be able to engage clients in a number of financial planning processes from simple meetings, to completing applications to statement of advice delivery.

“It allows the adviser to document the advice process with recordable video meetings and recordable document signing online, providing an alternative to file notes.

“Importantly, it will free up the adviser to focus their advice and service proposition on delivering a quality advice experience to their clients.

“It is the responsibility of the dealer group to help advisers service their clients more effectively and efficiently by providing them with the tools and solutions they need to provide the best value and best outcomes for their clients.”

SuiteBox’s CEO, Ian Dunbar said, “this unique digital workspace for advisers eliminates the need for travel thereby creating significant time-saving and cost efficiencies.”

“Over time, and as clients become more online savvy, digital meetings are forecast to make up more than 50% of engagement with clients. SuiteBox allows advisers to be part of this evolution,” Ian said.

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